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Simon Cox Glazing Services

We are able to supply maintenance on all aspects of Glass and Glazing, doors, windows, handles and hinges.
Simon Cox Glass and Glazing Services is also a specialist in double glazing repairs of new and old window and door systems including misted double glazed units.
We provide high quality installations using high standards of products including all types of Glass and Glazing from replacement double glazed units to bespoke interior glass projects, leaded windows, shop fronts, glass screens and cat flaps, whatever your need we have the solution.
To learn more about our glazing services, simply contact us today.

Single Glazing Window Repairs or Replacement

If you have a broken window that needs to be repaired or you would like to update the glazing in your property, then call us. We can replace glass in all types of frames including sash window frames and interior doors. We are skilled in traditional face puttying which is still required for many windows.
We can also supply and fit your cat or dog flap so that they can come and go without you having to open the door.
Laminated or toughened safety glass is required to be fitted to glazing situations where people of any age might fall through. Contact us for a safety glass check today.
Maybe you want your broken window repaired by an expert glazier that you can trust? We can fit or replace all types of glass including obscure glass, coloured panes, leaded glass and horticultural glass, so let us provide you with a glazing services quote today.

broken single glazed window

Double Glazing Window Repairs or Replacement

The usual problems with double glazing are either broken panes or misting which is when water condenses between the two glazed panes. We can replace these on a like for like basis or change the glass to toughened, obscure or Georgian bar.
K Glass can also be fitted to improve thermal performance. Pilkington K Glass™ forms the inner pane of an energy-efficient Insulating Glass Unit (IGU), such as Pilkington energiKare™. The coating reflects heat back into the room whilst also letting in free heat from the sun, known as passive solar gain.
If you need patterned obscure glass it is a good time to consider a different pattern of which there is a wide selection. Another option is to use stick on lead to give the impression of leaded windows without the problems of real lead and small glass panes.
Cat and dog flaps can be fitted to double glazed units allowing your pet to come and go freely without opening the door. Call us for all your glazing services needs.

misted double glazed unit

Stained and Obscure Glass

One aspect of our glazing services is stained, coloured, patterened and obscure glass. The obscure glass can be supplied in varying degrees pf obscurity.
Stained Glass – If you have a broken or cracked stained or coloured glass pane then we can replace it and get a close colour match or even choose a different colour.
Obscure Glass – There is a wide range of patterned obscure glass to choose from so when replacing a broken pane why not select a new pattern.
Perhaps you would like more obscurity for privacy reasons or a different pattern for your coloured stained glass.

stained, obscure and coloured glass panel repairs

Leaded Windows, Velux Windows and Other Types of Glazing Repairs or Replacement

Leaded Windows – We are experienced in working with leaded windows and can replace single diamond shapes or whole leaded windows.
Velux Windows and Roof Lights – These can be damaged by roof tiles falling on them. Also they can be difficult to clean due to restricted access and so over time they will become mossed over or just go opaque. Call us for a roof light or Velux examination or replacement quote. These windows are often double glazed and so may suffer from misting. They can be replaced with toughened safety glass for peace of mind. Another option is Georgian wire or clear safety glass. The existing unit may be an unusual shape or size but that is not a problem as we can cut the glass to any shape.
Conservatory Glass – we can replace any of the glass in your conservatory whether it is in the sides or the roof. When replacing the conservatory glass you may want to consider K Glass for the thermal benefits.

failed roof light window

Shed, Garage or Greenhouse Glazing Repairs or Replacement

Glass fitted to sheds and greenhouses may well be of the horticultural type. This means that it is lower quality in terms of its clarity and so may contain marks and blemishes and will not be safety or toughened glass so when it breaks it goes into shards.
We can replace the horticultural glass with better quality glass for your safety.
The glass in your summer house or garage may be susceptible to breakage from footballs etc. or just when moving items around.
Call us for some nice new glass to keep the rain out.

broken shed window

Accessories, Handles and Hinges

Our glazing services are not limited to glass. We also repair or replace handles and hinges.
Handles – Has your UPVC window handle broken or got stuck? We can replace the handles for you with a new modern design. In fact you may want to replace all your handle with the modern equivalent. All handles are supplied with at least two keys.
Hinges – UPVC window and door hinges can fail over time and will not allow the window or door to shut properly or maybe prevent opening. We can replace the hinges for you to reset your window or door to its original smooth operation and ensure that it shuts and seals out drafts.
Vents – Not all double glazed windows came with trickle vents but we can retrofit them to allow hot air out or cool air in. They are great for summer ventilation and to stop rooms becoming stuffy.

repairs to hinges and handles

Secondary Double Glazing

Secondary glazing supplied and fitted – Secondary glass is fitted on the room side of an existing window to help reduce noise, improve thermal performance and enhance security. Horizontal and Vertical sliding designs available.